Pick The Right Golf Bag

Golf BagWhether you are a young scratch golfer dreaming of the pro tour or just an average high handicap enthusiast that enjoys the challenge and company that come with a round of golf, you will not be able to get very far without a golf bag. There are three main categories of golf bag that are detailed below, and in each category you will find very wide ranging price differences. But before you just go ahead and buy something that fits your budget you should be aware of the differences and what would suit your needs.

Golf Staff Bags The golf staff bag is generally speaking the top of the range type and you will see these types of bags when you watch pro golfers on TV. Their caddies carry around bags that are large in size and quite heavy, even when empty. The main advantage is the size, which allows caddies to carry an awful lot of equipment, additional clothing and refreshments. You will find that you can really fit everything possibly imaginable into this bag, and the material quality will be exceptional. However, unless you play a lot of competitive amateur or professional golf, you will probably not need to spend this type of money on your bag.

Golf Stand Bag Stand bags are usually among the lightest and most versatile types you can get. Designed from very light weight material with very convenient backpack style shoulder straps you will not find it difficult to carry around your clubs and keep them safe at the same time. What is unique about the stand bag is that when you want to put the bag down to take a shot, two legs pop out so that you do not have to lay it down on the grass. This protects both the clubs and the bad itself from dirt and moisture. These types of bags are most often used by golfers who prefer to not drag a hand cart around, or use a golf buggy.

Golf Cart Bag The cart bag is probably the most commonly used bag by the average golfer. It is large enough to carry all your clubs, plus some additional clothing, gear and refreshments. While the bag will stand upright on a flat service it does not take much for it to topple over. Therefore it is best used on a trolley or golf buggy where it can be safely strapped in. The main advantage of these bags is that they are very reasonably priced and also come in different sizes. So if you tend to carry quite a few extra things around with you, you will most likely find something large enough without needing to go for a staff bag. Once you have identified which category of bag will best suite your golfing needs it will simply come down to finding something in your price range and with a design you like best. There really is no shortage of manufacturers and designs to choose from.

Swing Away At Your Own Place with A Golf Practice Net

Golf NetThe sport of golf has gained quite a serious following over the years. And with young professional golfers like Rory McIlroy (despite his recent behavior on the course), Rickie Fowler, and Michelle Wie, it is without a doubt that the sport garners interest from all ages, genders, and nationalities.

Today, millions of individuals from around the world enjoy playing golf during their free time. In this game, the saying “practice makes perfect” is perhaps a cliché that stands true. Even professionals never stop practicing and perfecting their form and technique. With that said, a dependable golf practice net could be a great addition to your arsenal of tools that can help you develop and enhance your golf swing from the comfort of your home.

Doing practice swings can be helpful in improving ones form. However, to really develop a sturdier long game and a more reliable short game, you will need an actual ball you can hit consistently. You can visit your local driving range, if you want to work on your swing. But why do that when you can practice your game right in your own backyard?

While some work on their golf swing using a golf-on-a-string practice aid, others prefer using a practice net that can easily be assembled in a medium sized garage or an open backyard. Bear in mind that, these days, there are more than a handful of golf practice aids in the market for all types of golfers and skill levels. But none of them are more effective to a novice golfer than a golf practice net that is both sturdy and compact.

Golf nets will not only improve a novice golfer’s swing power, it also encourages swing consistency and boosts an individual’s confidence on his or her swing ability. Of course visiting a driving range or an actual golf course will certainly help develop your game, but practice nets will help you work on your golf virtually any time you want. It’s just like having a mini golf putting green in your office, where you can practice your strokes on your free time.

When setting up a good golf practice net, you have to consider the space where you will be placing the equipment. Although golf nets and cages come in a variety of sizes, you still need a practice net that is large enough to catch every ball. And if you are planning to put the golf net in your garage, make sure that you have adequate real estate to still be able to practice your game comfortably without damaging your wife’s mini van.

With every swing, rain or shine, you will be that much closer to the pros. Wishful thinking? I think not! Even Tiger had to start somewhere, right?

Do You Really Need a Rangefinder for Golf?


I get asked this question a lot. My answer is always, “It depends!”.

If you are a casual golfer that only plays a few times a year, then save your money. If you’re out on the course to spend some time with your friends and experience the social aspects of golf, something like a rangefinder may actually detract from your enjoyment of the game. Your friends may even frown on it thinking you’re trying to make things too competitive.

On the other hand, if you’ve really been bitten by the golf bug and are always striving to improve your game, a rangefinder can be a valuable tool in your arsenal. I know it made a big difference in my game as I used to really struggle with club selection on approach shots. After using a rangefinder for a few months, I got to the point where I didn’t need to rely on it as much when playing familiar courses but it’s always handy to have when traveling.

If you struggle with distances I would recommend renting or borrowing a few different models to see which one you like best. Most golf rangefinders are quite similar in form and function but the most popular models do have some different features which you may or may not like. If you’re on a budget it’s always best to try before you buy considering these handy little devices can cost up to $500 or more. There’s also no shortage of information and reviews online so do your homework.